Professional Development tailored to your needs

We offer tailor-made training and development for your organisation/business to assist you with a range of services including:

  • Staff management skills, especially with difficult clients/staff
  • Making organisational dreams reality
  • Synthesising strategic plans
  • Staff self-management skills
  • From problems to solutions: facilitating an in-house investigation of your business or organisation
  • Developing and sustaining common language and frameworks
  • Accessing creativity within your organisation
  • Maximising staff: valuing and encouraging your staff to bring out their skills, knowledge and creativity
  • Confronting difficult issues quickly, with a caring process
  • Setting boundaries and providing a window of safety
  • Performance management and self-evaluation, leading to more effective services and staff retention
  • The Positive Outcome Process in the workplace
  • The Positive Outcome process for leaders
  • Collaborating to Thrive: Entering into the world of ‘Co-opetition’ – a business development model combining competition and cooperation

Professional Development

Enhancing the quality of life for individuals in the workplace through:

  • Team Building
  • Managing Difficult Clients
  • Staff Management Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Maximising Staff Contribution
  • Confronting and Managing Difficult Issues
  • Counselling
  • Personalised Training
  • Mentoring Support Programs