Moments of Awareness


Moments of Awareness will assist you to find and live from the bliss of your own inner truth.

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Set of 44 cards

Om, the symbol on the Moments of Awareness Cards, is the vibration of peace. Use Moments of Awareness when you seek a peaceful path of union and integrity with your self. Choose one or more to start your day, or to help you ‘re-set’ during the day.

Awareness is the key to making ‘good choices’; choices that enable us to be the best of ourselves so we can add to the wellbeing of the world and people around us. More awareness allows better choices enabling us to positively evolve. Moments of Awareness provide moments to reflect on your current behaviour, experience, beliefs or sensation right now. They assist you to be more in tune with your own being and personality, provide moments for you to choose being more responsive and less reactive, and offer immediate strategies to refocus.

Moments of Awareness were developed using the Science of Yoga, particularly Satyananda yoga – ‘Satya’ meaning truth and ‘ananda’ meaning bliss. They assist you to find and live from the bliss of your own inner truth.

The artwork was inspired by the sound of Om/Aum and the sound of the didgeridoo. Text: Kalikamurti Suich. Artwork: Bibi Barba. Design and editing: Joy Taylor and Anita Suich.

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