Kalikamurti has run her own businesses for over 32 years providing human services consultancies, strategic advice, project development and management, conference and event management and support, grant and philanthropic funding submissions and acquittals and business mentorship.

Kalikamurti is an accredited Mental Health Social worker and has run a private counselling practice for 30 years. She is a specialist in: Mental Health, Work Health, Chronic Pain and working with young adults and children.

Kalikamurti combines her counselling expertise with a firm basis in yoga psychology, a 5000-year-old understanding of how the mind works.

Her style of working is based in assisting people in understanding behaviour and assisting in the development or improvement of skills and tools that enable individuals, groups and organisations to be the best and most effective they can be in a sustainable way.

Kalikamurti has extensive experience in running training programs to assist in Human Resources Management.

Currently, Kalikamurti is a faculty member of William Glasser Australia and William Glasser International, she is the Australian and New Zealand representative on William Glasser Institute board and is the President of the Friends of Araluen (the arts and cultural precinct of Alice Springs).

Kalikamurti is a Sannyasin in the Satyananda tradition, meaning she has dedicated her life to the well-being, upliftment and prosperity of all beings.

She has produced a range of resources including: Beyond Stressing at Work, Beyond Stressing at Home, Beyond Chronic Pain and Beyond Birth, Moments of Choice and Moments of Awareness, and Awareness 101.

Kalikamurti’s interests include the arts and specifically community arts, photography, singing, travel, gardening and riding on ferris wheels as demonstrated in her photo. View Kalikamurti’s LinkedIn profile here.

Swami Kalikamurti Saraswati Suich
Counsellor | Resource Developer | Training Consultant | Facilitator | Program Management | Professional Supervision | Yoga Teacher