In 2020 I will be focusing on weekly offerings on how to stay active, engaged, caring, compassionate and hope-filled in increasingly challenging world climate and conditions.
I am centred in Alice Springs in the middle of Australia and as the whole world has seen our beloved country is on fire. Given the size and dimension of the damage and the number of climate change deniers, many people are feeling overwhelmed, small and ineffectual. Therefore let’s start with a number of actions we can perform easily and regularly to add to the wellbeing upliftment and prosperity of all beings and the land itself.
Week One
There are approximately 7.8 billion people in the world. 2.2 billion are children. This leaves about 5.6 billion people. Let us imagine half of the adults in the world choosing  to  perform 3 acts of care for the world that they can consistently carry out for the year.  This would mean 2.8 billion people would perform 8.4 billion acts per year.
However if those 2.8 billion people committed to carrying out each of those acts once a day for one year this would amount to 1,022 billion acts of care for the world in a year.  Think how much this could add to the world.
If we think big in terms of the numbers of people and think doable, possible, achievable with our actions, the task is not overwhelming.  For example, you could choose to recycle plastic bottle tops, minimise plastic use, cut out single use plastics, and cut the plastic seals off bottles before disposing of them.
You could choose to turn off the tap while you clean your teeth, collect the first run of water from the shower as it warms up to save to water your plants, wear your clothes once more before you wash them, and walk or cycle to work or school or catch the bus. It is 100% your choice of how you care for the world. What it will take is choosing a doable action that you can constantly keep to. You will need to be willing to share your acts with the world. All of us who care for the world need to have acts to do that are real and useful, we need to be willing to share with like minded people and we need to be able to maintain sense of hope.
Let us begin.
This year I will make sure  no taps are dripping, I will recycle bottle tops and all recyclable glass, plastic, paper and cardboard, cans and tins etc and I will write a weekly post for the year focusing on ways to maintain the energy, hope, actions and I will promote the #3actsofcare and our ideas to as many people I can think of who are reputable and have big social media presence.
In peace, Kalikamurti