Centred in Choice partner challenges copyright infringement

Centred in Choice team member, Bibi Barba, created Desert Flowers in 2009 – a series of six paintings. One day, Bibi discovered that an interior designer had used her paintings in the design of carpets and furnishings for a hotel in Poland, without paying Bibi for the use of her work, arguing that she’d “redesigned” Bibi’s paintings and only used her work as inspiration.

Bibi was ‘gutted’ and knew she had to do something about it to show that artists can stand up and fight for their rights.  She has recently travelled to Poland to follow up on a court case around copyright infringement.

When we were discussing the artwork for the Moments of Choice cards Bibi chose to use one of the Desert Flowers images in order to show a positive choice, a positive, ethical collaboration.

Bibi is an ambassador for the Indigenous Art Code http://www.indigenousartcode.org/codeworld/