Devi Havan is a fire purification ceremony in the Satyananda Yoga tradition. Havan is a ritual which, when performed with faith and conviction, can bring us in tune with ourselves and with nature. It purifies the physical, mental, emotional and psychic atmosphere of both our inner personal world and the outer environment.

Havan is an offering to our world for the benefit of all and an opportunity for personal transformation. Devi represents Energy of Shakti which is both infinite cosmic force or luminosity and the energy inherent in all of creation, and she may be personified as the cosmic or divine Mother in any of her myriad names and forms.

During the Havan, fragrant leaves and herbs are offered to the Devi through the sacred fire, along with nuts, fruits and sweet things and our good intent or sankalpa – “for peace, prosperity and spiritual upliftment for all” – connecting our Central Australian Devi Havan with the Sat Chandi Maha Yagya, the global event begun by Swami Satyananda which takes place in India every year.

In Alice Springs we have been holding Havan regularly for over 15 years.  We welcome you to join us and experience this purification ceremony.  Haven takes place each month at 47 Coolibah Crescent, New Eastside.  Please check the calendar for dates.