Counselling Services

Counselling Services

Kalikamurti Suich

“It is always an honour to work with people who are seeking new ways of living their lives. Sharing private information with a stranger is a courageous step. Recognising that we cannot learn to live our lives differently if we do not get new information and or assistance is a part of that step. Coming to counselling is an opportunity to recognise that whatever is happening in the present tense is not working, or not working effectively in terms of assisting you to have the life you want.

“As a counsellor, I work in a present tense, positive way, to assist clients to clarify both their goals and ambitions and their concerns.  I work to support clients to establish clarity as to what is driving these concerns or behaviours.  Then together we work together in developing new and sustainable ways of behaving to ensure needs are met.

“Clients often ask, ‘Do I need to go over the past?’ If people don’t want to go over the past they can choose not to. Counselling can always start with the current problem or concern.

“I have a 30-year background as yoga teacher and yoga therapist and so can include this in my work where appropriate and useful.  Yoga strategies, such as progressive muscle relaxation and specific breathing practices plus some of the postures, have a wide range of application for clients.

“I have specialist experience in working with clients experiencing chronic pain, mental illness, stress related injuries or illnesses, motivational counselling, children and parenting, and relationship concerns.

“In Alice Springs, I have held contracts with several agencies over the years including, Commonwealth Rehabilitation Services, Community Mental Health with both the Adult and the Child and Adolescent teams, plus I have worked as a school counsellor over several high schools and particularly Anzac Hill High School.

“Client confidentiality is essential. I maintain strict protocols around this and will talk to you about this before I start working with you.

“Where appropriate, I believe it helps to work closely with GPs or other referring providers so I will always provide them with a written or verbal report as agreed upon. The content of this feedback is always available to clients.

“My current accreditations are:

  • AASW Mental Health Member Number 208025
  • Better Access with Medicare Provider No 2940002H
  • Work Health and Motor Accident Provider No 1937

“I provide outreach counselling services for the Vietnam Veterans Counselling Services (VVCS). Prospective clients of this service need to contact VVCS directly for a referral. Please contact VVCS to check eligibility.

“I hold two Employment Assistance contracts. I work with EASA Alice Springs one day a week. I have a Medicare provider number specific to my work there.

“The second Employment Assistance contract is with Acacia Connection. Referrals are made through the employing bodies with whom Acacia Connection holds contracts.

“If you think I can be of assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me. I can work with clients using internet based video calls or telephone as well if you don’t live in or near Alice Springs.”

Centred In Choice Counselling Specialisations:

  • Mental Health
  • Chronic Pain
  • Stress related injuries or illnesses
  • Motivational issues
  • Parenting and Children
  • Relationships