What is Kirtan and Mantra?

Both practices come from the bhakti yoga tradition, which is often defined as the yoga of devotion.

Mantras are chants – you speak out loud a word or phrase in Sanskrit an ancient Indian language which is thought to be one of the oldest languages in the world. The word or phrase is repeated as a type of meditation, staying in the moment, in the present.  In our practice in Alice Springs we follow transliteration of the Sanskrit words, which helps us to learn how to pronounce the words and where to place emphasis.  We are lucky to have Mahadevananda (Pat) in our community, who is a student of mantra and shares her gifts with us.  As Kalikamurti says, “Practice takes practice” and we often follow a mantra for forgiveness for the mistakes we make! We meet at Om Bhavan every Tuesday morning at 0630am for 45 minutes, and every year we run a nine-day Navaratri Program in October.

Kirtan or Kirtana or Sankirtan is the singing of mantras. It often follows a call and response pattern, which makes it really easy to join in.  Kirtan is often accompanied by percussion instruments, harmonium or tanpura. In Alice Springs we have been coming together to share kirtan for many years, and meet once a month on a Sunday.  Check our calendar for the next date.

Mantra and Kirtan – Bhakti Yoga.  If you would like more information please get in touch.