Colliding Worlds, Colliding Gold

Kalikamurti Suich’s article “Colliding Worlds, Colliding Gold” has been published in the Springs 2018 volume of the International Journal of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.  Kalikamurti presented a workshop on this theme at the William Glasser International conference in Columbia in June.

You can download a copy of the journal here.

Abstract: This paper reflects on the ongoing collision of quality world pictures between Aboriginal and mainstream Australia. It outlines some of the impacts of invasion on the Aboriginal people of Australia up until the current time. It then addresses some of the challenges and opportunities of working with Aboriginal people remote communities as well as towns and cities. The focus is on working with people whose quality world picture of life, culture, ambitions, and identity are very different from mainstream Australia, leading to what can seem irresolvable conflicted relationships. Further, this clash of quality world pictures often leads to conflict between Aboriginal people and Government in terms of policy making, funding, education, and the completely different valuing of goals, law, lore, family, and relationships. This work draws on my professional experience and provides some insights into how I and our business “Centred in Choice,” continue to navigate to ensure that we can provide the best service and assistance to individuals and organisations. The focus of our work is well-being, independence and autonomy, viability, sustainability, adhering to the goals and values of the person or organisation, respect for culture and the provision of services that enhance the quality of life.