New Leadership Training Package

Centred in Choice is thrilled to announce that we are developing a new (yet to be named) Leadership Training package in collaboration with Bette Blance. Bette is the president of the William Glasser Institute New Zealand, a former member of the William Glasser Institute-Australia Board, and a former Australia and New Zealand representative on the International Board. Said Kalika, “Bette is our new project partner and we are very excited to be working with someone of such expertise, experience, passion, and sense of fun and love.”

Bette Blance

Bette Blance

Bette was first inspired as a young teacher in New Zealand in the 1960’s by the title of Dr Glasser’s third book Schools Without Failure. Since that time she has continued on a journey of learning, becoming a William Glasser International Training Instructor and spending time in both Australia and New Zealand teaching Choice Theory, and its applications Reality Therapy and Lead Management.

Presenting Glasser-based programs in schools throughout Queensland, Bette has developed links between Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and the Collegial Coaching program which is now used in many schools in Queensland. For fourteen years Bette worked with teacher education students at Griffith University, expanding their views of managing classrooms based on internal control psychology.

Spending many hours online with members of the Program Committee of the William Glasser International Board, Bette was the co-creator of the new Take Charge of Your Life workshop (Kalika will be present this workshop in Melbourne on 26 September. Read more here). The workshop with accompanying Facilitator Guide and resources has been translated into Spanish, French, Croatian, Afrikaans, Persian and Arabic. 2014 Bette continues to manage this program internationally for the Board of William Glasser International.

Visit Bette’s website, and stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for more information about this exciting new Leadership Training package!