Beyond Limitations Workshop – February, Alice Springs

Join us for one workshop delivered over two days dedicated to achieving your dreams, goals and aspirations

Whether your focus is work, career, personal life or relationships this workshop will enable you to develop clarity about what you want and how you want to be and to create a sustainable plan that is designed and driven by you.
We all need to feel secure, loved and successful in relationships, to feel competent and powerful. We all desire to have the freedom to be ourselves and want to have fun and learn new things in life. What often drives us is what we don’t want, don’t think possible, what we fear and what we worry about. This doesn’t allow us to create and achieve what we want and how we want to be.

During this workshop you will develop a quality world or gold picture of how you want yourself and your life to be and the plan to achieve it. You will receive a comprehensive handbook to use in this journey and will gain valuable tools to live Beyond Limitations.

Kalika Image BL flyer for 2016With Kalikamurti Suich
Faculty Member, William Glasser Institute
BSW Mental Health
Accredited Dru Yoga Teacher
Sanyasin in the Satyananda Yoga Tradition

Kalikamurti is skilled in assisting people to transform their lives in the least painful and most sustainable manner. She is an expert in mental health and chronic pain. Her current client base includes mental health, chronic pain, work health, motor accident, and Veterans.
As a trainer, Kalikamurti offers a strong theoretical basis with evidence-based practices, and hands-on learning opportunities, allowing room for laughter on the way.


PDF of Brochure here